Weather Wick

Shadow Illumination quilts produced by Ella Lawrence, who recently did an excellent workshop on how to make them.
Caithness Quilter's monthly Sewing Day was held on Saturday 23rd February. We began at 10am with the business meeting and then moved on to the main item for the day: A workshop with Ella Lawrence to make a Shadow Illumination quilt.

First Ella showed us the lovely quilts she had made using this technique (shown above). These all have slight differences - such as having the shadow in opposite corners, or putting the squares on points.

She then demonstrated how to construct each square, and provided a set of instructions. Armed with our charm packs, shadow fabric and another for the background, everyone set to work.

By the afternoon we all had squares made in a great selection of colours and fabrics. It will be fantastic to see all the finished quilts at our annual exhibition.

Most members present took part in the workshop although a few were working on their own projects. It was a lovely day and our thanks go to Ella for such an enjoyable workshop.