Weather Wick


This year's Christmas Challenge is  a 20" square miniature quilt on any topic.
On Tuesday 11th June Caithness Quilters held a workshop with Pat Archibald, who did her 'Leaves in Lutradur' project with us.

We spent the first part of the day painting our Lutradur. We used all the colours in the palettes and had a  great time mixing and painting until our piece of lutradur was completely covered. We then chose the part which suited our background fabric and cut out leaves.

Once we had layered our fabrics, we stitched on the leaves. Pat showed us different ideas for quilting and finishing the edges of our wallhangings. It was all go then on the machines to quilt and finish our project.
Leaves in Lutradur Workshop
Our thanks go to Pat for giving us such a lovely workshop and a fascinating day.
Janet's excellent
finished project