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Threads of Life - Clare Hunter
Sewing is a way to mark our existence on cloth: patterning our place in the world, voicing our identity, sharing something of ourselves with others and leaving the indelible evidence of our presence in stitches held fast by our touch.’  - Clare Hunter

In Threads of Life Clare Hunter takes us from the anonymous needlewomen of the Bayeux Tapestry to Mary, Queen of Scots’ politically messaged embroidery, from the therapeutic stitching of World War One’s shell-shocked soldiers to nineteenth century tailors whose pictorial patchwork campaigned for reform.

From the grieving mothers in 1970s Argentina who sewed the names of their disappeared children onto headscarves to the subversive stitchery of feminists in 1980s America. Her book tells us why people have sewed through time and across cultures to tell their stories and to make their voices heard.  
Threads of Life is to be published by Sceptre
of Hodder and Stoughton on 7th February 2019

It has been chosen as Radio 4’s Book of the Week
from 4th to 8th February 2019
Shadow Illusion Quilt
Ella Lawrence

Saturday 23rd February
10am - 4pm

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