Requirements:  Please pre-cut all fabrics and wadding before the class.

in Fabric 10 x 21 (25cm x 55cm). Marbled fabrics or batiks are suitable - see alongside for inspiration.
Patterned fabrics are not suitable.

g fabric 10 x 21 (25cm x 55cm)

00% cotton wadding 10 x 21 (25cm x 55cm) (do not bring polyester wadding)

ional - Fabric to bind your quilt with - two strips 44 x 2 (112cm x 6cm) (we will probably not get that far).

al machine thread

Bring along a selection of machine threads e.g. rayon machine embroidery threads and variegated threads to compliment your fabric.

h-i-Nor paint palette (please let me know if you want one and I will have them at the class for 6)

Soft P
aint brushes suitable for your paint palette

05 Basting Spray(not essential)

s for paper and fabric

ncil and black felt pen with medium nib, e.g Sharpie

parchment/Teflon sheet

wing machine, instruction book and attachments

Walking foot for your machine

Darning foot/ embroidery foot

Cover for yo
ur feed dogs if your machine needs this

ans Stitch no.12/70 and 14/80 sewing machine needles, No.14/80 Metallic sewing machine needles
if bringing metallic threads

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

tic bin bag to cover your work area

Water pot

tic bag for trimmings

n and small ironing pad.

Weather Wick
Leaves in Lutradur
Pat Archibald
Tuesday 11th June

Learn how to achieve painterly effects with Lutradur (a spun bound textile) in easy achievable stages. These painted organic shapes can then be incorporated into your quilt making. Once learnt these techniques can then be transferred and applied to figures and other complex shapes. A partial kit will be supplied for this workshop to complete an Autumnal piece.

Pat w
ill bring the essential added extras (Lutradur) for you at a cost of 5 plus paints if necessary - see below. She would need to know 4 weeks in advance if you would like the paints that she uses.