Weather Wick
Chairman's 2015 Report

Another busy year, with workshops held by both members and visiting tutors.
Member-led workshops included a zippy bag, a multi-pocket bag, woven fabric and a disappearing 9
patch quilt. All were well attended, and seemed to be enjoyed.
In June we welcomed the return of Dawn Cameron Dick, for two workshops. She gave us lots of
interesting and useful tips, and showed us how to make her version of a double wedding ring quilt,
and also a landscape appliquéd picture.
Our annual July Gala was again a success. The Chairman’s Challenge, Chinese Whispers, was a real
surprise when we saw how those taking part had interpreted the idea. A very busy day, with many
visitors attending our exhibition, resulted in record takings for the group – and a huge £667 raised
from the sale of hand-crafted items for the MacMillan charity. Thanks to all the husbands who helped
out too!
This year’s 2016 exhibition, the Chairman’s Challenge of ‘The Good, the Bad & the Ugly’ – quilts
made from unwanted fabrics from our stash – will hopefully be displayed at the Gala, and may be
raffled off with the proceeds going to charity.
Sheena Norquay came to us at the beginning of October, with two one-day workshops: Linen & Lace
and Lace hand sewing, and mixed media Stick Figures. Sadly, I couldn’t make either of these, but
those who did enjoyed themselves.
We have been busy spending money too, having purchased a very useful Horn work table, saving
our backs from aching when cutting out fabric. Also an Accuquilt fabric cutter has proved to be a
very popular addition to our equipment. Our latest purchase has been mugs with the CQ logo on
them. No more peedie cups for us!
Christmas in November was again a lot of fun. The Christmas challenge, Sing a Song of Christmas,
was won by Dorothy Johnston, with her entry of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’.
Our mini-workshop was a ‘Tussy Mussie’, which was very popular, and thanks go to Shirley for her
work in preparing that.
Several members have been on group visits. To the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August, and
to Edinburgh in February for the quilt show at Ingleston. Lots of eating, shopping, and much laughter
involved with both trips! There may be other trips for the forthcoming year, watch this space!
To conclude, thank you to Ewen Macdonald for auditing our accounts, and another thank you to
Shirley’s husband Bob for all the work he puts into our website. More thanks go to all the Caithness
Quilters who have supported me throughout the last two years.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to my committee for this year: Lorna, Ella, Dorothy, Marina,
Cathy, Louise, and my Vice Chair, Shirley. Thank you for your support. I said this last year, and I
really mean it – I couldn’t have done it without you.
Eileen Weston