Weather Wick

Sheena Norquay
Saturday 12th May
10am - 4pm
The finished piece is approximately 46cm (18inches) square and can be used as a wall hanging or cushion cover. An alternative circular layout can be made on the square using the same lettering but using 4 - 3 inch circles of bonded fabrics in the centre.
1. Four or eight patterned fabrics in colours suggesting Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, maximum size 7 x 14cm
     (2.5 x 5.25 inches) For the bonded version 4 patterned fabrics to make circles 3inches in diameter and steam a
     seam or other fusible material.

2. One piece of pale, plain fabric approximately 18 x 48cm ( 6.75 x 19 inches) and one piece approximately
     28 x 48cm (10.75 x 19 inches)

3. Threads to match fabrics - cotton no. 50 - Aurifil, Mettler or Superior.

4. Piece of fabric for backing approximately 50 x 50cm (20 inches)

5. Wadding of your choice approximately 50 x 50cm (20 inches) plus a piece for behind the lettering for
     Autumn 26 x 13cm (10 x 5 inches)

6. Sewing machine, manual and extension lead.

7. Darning foot for free motion quilting, quarter inch foot for piecing, applique or zig zag foot for satin
     stitching and walking foot for quilting straight lines.

8. Machine quilting needles size 11/75 or 14/90.

9. Several bobbins.

10. Long tacking needle, thread and small pair of scissors for tacking.

11. Rotary cutter, ruler and board or ruler, scissors and card.

12. Propelling pencil for marking lettering on the pale fabric.

13. Masking tape and paper cutting scissors.

14. If the circular layout is chosen you will need compasses and a piece of paper 50 x 50cm plus a
     piece of baking parchment.

15. Iron and ironing board - check with organiser.

16. A  6 inch embroidery ring or 8 inch quilting hoop is useful for quilting the lettering.
This workshop is based on a piece called Seasonal Colour Line which has the names of the months of the year and free motion quilted patterns inspired by the many fabrics that were pieced into a strip. In this one day workshop I have devised a smaller, simplified version called the Four Seasons. Using 4 or 8 fabrics which portray the colours of the 4 seasons, students will machine piece them together into a strip. To the left and right of the strip, plain, pale fabric will be pieced. On the right, students will trace the words Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and will be shown 4 different ways of free motion quilting the lettering.  On the left of the colour strip, students will free motion quilt different patterns inspired by the fabrics chosen. The four sections are separated by satin stitching.