Weather Wick

Jennie Rayment

28th April  10am - 4pm
Twiddle away - it's fabric play! From tucked fans to a rolly, foldy flower, this is a new class from the fiddly fingers of the Calico Queen.Manipulate and manoeuvre a simple square into different tactile forms. Make a table runner or creat three blocks ideal for quilts, bags and wallhangings.

These designs can be constructed from a variety of materials. If desired, pre-wash all materials but use a spray starch when pressing to restore 'body'. It is appreciated that students prefer to complete, or almost complete, their class example and each class is carefully designed so this should be possble. All classes are suitable for every level of sewing ability.

Please cut all pieces before class.
To make three blocks or one Table Runner you need:

Tucked Fans:
Two 10" squares, Cream
Two 121/2" squares, Turquoise
Two 4" squares, Purple
One 10" square, Light Green (binding)
Eight 21/2" and Two 31/2" squares, Purple (inserts)

One 10" square, Purple
Eight 5" squares, Light Green
One 31/2" square, Purple

To complete Table Runner:
Four 8" squares, Cream
One 10" square, Dark Green

Thread to match fabrics
Rotary cutting equipment
Sewing machine + foot control + instruction book
Thin card
Pencil, notebook and marker pens/chalk
Camera: record stage by stage construction

This is presumed cancelled